Nintendo Switch vs Lite: Which One to Get?

Nintendo released the Switch back in 2017.

It offered a unique mix of portable gaming as well as a powerful console you can hook into a big screen. You can take it with you for gaming on the go with its Handheld Mode. You can separate its screen and controller (Tabletop Mode) for a more hands-off experience. Alternatively, you can also link it into your TV for that ultra-wide gaming.

This flexibility made the Switch popular to both kids and grown-ups alike.

Nintendo Switch Lite

This September, they unveiled the Switch Lite. Performance-wise, the two are no different at all. It has a slightly smaller screen size, but is hardly noticeable. The Lite’s main selling point is its cheaper price while still offering most of what the Switch provides. What if you want to get a Nintendo Switch but do not know which to choose?

Here are some things you need to consider before choosing either the Switch or Switch Lite.

A Lighter Alternative

The Switch Lite is a bit smaller and lighter than the original – in more ways than one.

Aside from being cheaper ($199 compared to Switch’s $299), the Lite is also physically lighter to carry around. It does not have a dock, kickstand,or any of the cables that come with the Switch. In exchange for the lack of accessories, TV mode and Desktop Mode are not available for the Lite.

The Lite functions exactly like the Switch’s Handheld Mode. Since it is solely for portable gaming, it has a longer battery life. One can easily get over 7 hours of gameplay in one charge. Be aware however that not all Switch games are compatible to the Lite. Only those that support Handheld Mode can run on it. This means you have to do some research on games you want to play before purchasing.


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