Apple is rumored to be collaborating with Intel to develop 5G hardware for the next iPhone

Apple is known to have a product that carries classy hardware, but basically they rely on some hardware components from other companies such as Qualcomm and Intel for modem components of iPhone products. But in the future it seems Apple will use hardware from Intel, at least according to reports from Fast Company. The report claims that Apple is working with Intel on 5G hardware for the future iPhone.

5G hardware  Selengkapnya: emergence of news of cooperation between Apple and Intel can indeed be associated with the ongoing problems between Apple and Qualcomm are involved lawsuits, but according to reports Fast Company has shown that this is purely for professional reasons. Other than that, Intel seems willing to meet the needs of Apple in adjusting their components, which is not done by Qualcomm.

The report also claims that Intel currently has “small troops” working on 5G hardware to pursue competition with its rivals. Although this is quite interesting news, but the report is not an official statement from the two companies, which means the truth can not be confirmed for now. We look forward to further news of this cooperation between Apple and Intel.

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