PlayStation 5: Rumors, Dates, and Features

Since the initial release of the PlayStation back in 1994, kids and grown-ups all over the world have experienced a new level of gaming fun. One of the best things about the PlayStation is its simplistic and unchanged design – its controller has faced minimal changes through the decades. This makes it an excellent universal controller for old and new players alike.

The next generation of this console, the PlayStation 5, may find itself in stores near you soon.

PlayStation 5 Leaks and Rumors

The question is, how soon is soon? Rumors started swirling about a potential PS5 release as early as this December. However, a more realistic bet would be sometime in 2020. While everyone is simply basing these rumors on ‘leaks’ circulating online, we can still hope for an early release.

The PlayStation has had a pattern of releasing on average, every six years. First was 1994, then 2000, 2006, and the PS4 came out last 2013. This puts us in that sweet spot of a next generation release in the next year or two.

The Good News

So what are these ‘rumors’ all about? Well, for starters, we may have a new design concept already. The price may also be set at around the $500 mark on release day. With a bit of time left, players can start saving in order to get the PS5 on its launch day.

Another prominent rumor is that AMD will supply both the CPU and GPU for the PS5. The most important aspect when it comes to ‘next gen’ consoles is the hardware. To run the latest games, it requires powerful specs. AMD has a history of high-performance hardware, so this is a big plus.

The Bad News

To accommodate the next generation of games, the PS5 would undoubtedly have better specs than its previous incarnations. However, with the rising trend of ridiculous game requirements, it may not be enough. Another issue would be its hard drive capacity. Newer games tend to go beyond the 100 GB mark, limiting games it can store. The PS4 for instance only had 500 GB for storage.

The PS5 will surely have more, but it may take a bit of budgeting for players and their games.

Playing the Odds

These rumors started gaining momentum this month since the holiday season is closing in. The holidays are an excellent time to purchase gadgets – and companies know it. If they were to release a new ‘toy’ for players everywhere, now is the perfect time to do so. Another reason to get excited about the PS5 release date is that its rival, the Xbox usually releases around the same time as well. Therefore, for fans of Microsoft’s Xbox, the PS5 release date would also hold a lot of interest.

The most ‘realistic’ date would be December of 2020 – a year from now. The first quarter of 2020 may also see Sony unveiling publicly more information about the PS5. While that may sound disappointing, fans of the PlayStation still have the excellent PS4 to use while they wait.


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